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The eighth episode of the Book of Mormon video series premieres

Lehi's family sets sail for the promised land on the ship built by Nephi and his brethren.

The eighth episode illustrates chapter 18 of Nephi's first book, the ship is completed, and Lehi's family embarks on their journey to the promised land. After days at sea, Nephi's brothers and Ismael's children and their wives begin to offend the Spirit by singing and dancing inappropriately and by speaking rudely.


When Nephi counsels them to stop for fear that the Lord will be angry with them, Laman and Lemuel take him and tie him with ropes. The Liahona stops working and a major storm hits the ship for three days. On the fourth day, when Laman and Lemuel were sure they would be swallowed by the storm, they begin to see that God's judgments were upon them and so they freed Nephi.

The Liahona begins to work again, and Nephi directed the ship to the promised land.

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