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Women ecclesiastical leaders visit Honduras and Guatemala

Sisters Jean B. Bingham and Becky Craven inspired thousands of young men and women from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Central American area.

Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society general president, and her husband Bruce, along with Becky Craven, Second Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, and her husband Ron, visited Honduras and Guatemala from September 20 to 22, 2019 to minister to the Young Women and female adult members of the Church. They were accompanied by members of the area presidency: Elder Brian K. Taylor and his wife Jill and Elder Alan R. Walker and his wife Ines. They ministered and trained through devotionals that were transmitted to Church meetinghouses throughout the Central America area.


Church leaders, in addition to devotionals, met with some young and adult women to have some focus groups where they were able to meet and hear about the opportunity’s women have as members of the Church. In addition, they visited some households of member families to be ministered.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

In the devotional with sisters Jean B. Bingham, Becky Craven, and Elder Brian K. Taylor, thousands of women and youth ages 12 to 17, their parents and leaders throughout the area, participated and delighted in hearing tips on how to be disciples of Jesus Christ and be a light to the world.

Sister Becky Craven spoke of the importance of repentance and how young people can be blessed by it in their lives. She shared an example and explained: "If I take a walk on a path and have a stone in my shoe, sometimes I can walk a long distance with it. Suddenly I stop and remove the stone from my shoe and I am surprised at how long it took to remove the stone." Sister Craven urged members to repent of their mistakes and thus remove that stone. She said that "in doing so, you will immediately see the plan of redemption work in your lives; you will see the immediate help of Jesus Christ."

Sister Bingham invited young men and women to follow Jesus Christ. She told them, "Jesus Christ is the best example we can follow. He taught us how to love, how to serve, and how to use our agency. He has asked us to minister; we can do it with the circle of friendship we have and we can expand it. You don't need to settle with the friends you already have. You can do more if you follow the Savior."

Elder Brian K. Taylor expressed to the youth the Savior's love for them and told them, "Get up and shine." Be a banner to the nations. You have that light that shines wherever you are. Your obedience will make you rise and shine before your friends, family, and community. Be true followers of Jesus Christ, and the blessings will be wonderful for you."

Several youth expressed gratitude for having leaders who counsel and care for them. One of them, Paulette Gonzalez, a 14-year-old girl, participated in the devotional and shared her feelings: "The message of the sisters was very spiritual. The examples and dynamics they made allowed me to understand the message more and how I can put it into practice in my life. Elder Taylor's phrase that 'the temple shines brightest in darkness' encourages me to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and to follow His example so that I can receive the blessings of the temple in my life."

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Thousands of women who lead Relief Society and Young Women organizations in central American wards  and stakes participated in a training with sisters Jean B. Bingham and Becky Craven and Elder Alan R. Walker, in which they expressed appreciation for their service to the women members of the Church.

During the training, sisters Bingham and Craven taught how to work in ward councils, how to prepare spiritually, how to minister to other sisters, and how to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Walker thanked them for their work in their callings, for their service, and for their leadership in building the kingdom of God on earth. He mentioned the importance of applying the counsel of leaders and in doing so, will be blessed as true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Sister Julieta Mendez, a member of a Relief Society ward presidency, shared her feelings: "I felt blessed to hear the words of encouragement from Sisters Bingham and Craven and Elder Walker, because I could feel the Spirit that confirmed to me that this is a Church of order and is led by Jesus Christ through a prophet and the leaders who teach us how to be true disciples of Jesus Christ."

Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Sisters Jean B. Bingham and Becky Craven and Elder Alan R. Walker participated in a ward council meeting (leadership meeting) in which they shared experiences of ministering. Church leaders then visited homes of Church member families to share messages of love and how to persevere in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Karen Rodriguez de Díaz expressed gratitude as she received Sister Becky Craven at her home. She said: "It was a great blessing for us as a family to listen to her counsel and leave messages filled with love in our home. It encouraged us to move forward in the gospel and continue to persevere. It was a big surprise to my daughter, who saw her at the devotional that was broadcast on Friday for the youth and then to see her personally. Having her in our home was one of the greatest blessings of this year."

Hugo Renato Herrera García and his family received Sister Bingham's visit at home. Brother Herrera commented: "It was an answer to our prayers. It came at the time when we needed comfort the most. Feeling the love of Jesus Christ through Church leaders and companionship in ministering was something special."

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