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The call of the organization advisers from Central America Area is announced

Counselors will help provide training and mentoring to Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary leaders in the Central America Area.

The Central America Area Presidency announced the call for area organizing advisers. This call was recently approved by the First Presidency for international areas. Women serving in this calling will support Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary leaders in their areas of residence around the world. 

In the Central America area, the sisters R. Indira Marini Archila de Marves, Diana E. Hernández de Mejía and Yadira E. Moncada de Aguilar were called. They represent Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society organizations in the area. They have extensive leadership experience in these organizations, as well as in their own families.

Under the direction of the Area Presidency, the advisers will help provide training and mentoring to the women Church leaders in the area, as well as provide support to stake and district priesthood leaders.

Elder Brian K. Taylor, area president said, “We believe, as does the First Presidency, that there is a great need for the help and influence of these sisters in our area. Please welcome them and seek their help and guidance from their organizations."

From left to right: Diana E. Hernández Herrera de Mejía, Yadira E. Moncada de Aguilar and Rewphill Indira Marini Archila de Marves, Organization Advisors from Central America Area.© 2021 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.


Rewphill Indira Marini Archila de Marves of the Guatemala Stake. She was born in Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala. She married René Fernando Marves Gómez in the Guatemala City Temple and they have one daughter. She studied a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business Administration. She served full-time in missionary service in the Panama, Panama City Mission. She has served as a stake Primary president, ward and branch Relief Society president, stake Self-Reliance facilitator, and district Young Women president. Sister Marini enjoys spending time with her family, she loves going to the temple with her husband, reading, listening to music, dancing, and learning about different cultures.

Diana E. Hernández Herrera de Mejía of the Bosques de San Nicolás Stake. She was born in Guatemala City. She married Marvin E. Mejía, and they have two children. She obtained a professorship in Music Education at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. She recently served with her husband as leaders of the Honduras Comayagüela Mission (2018-2021). She has served as a ward Young Women president, a counselor in the stake Young Women presidency, a Relief Society teacher, a ward Adult Sunday School teacher, a seminary and institute teacher, a daycare director, an Elementary School. Sister Mejía loves to share with her family, enjoy her role as mother and wife, music, dancing, running, and playing sports.

Yadira E. Moncada de Aguilar of the San Pedro Sula Stake. She was born in the City of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Married to Denis José Aguilar Melgar, they have three children. She studied Electrical Engineering, serving as general manager in the Industrial Logistics Company founded by her and her husband. She recently served missionary service with her husband as leaders of the Costa Rica Mission, San José Este (2018-2021). She has been a stake and ward Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary president, and she also served as a seminary teacher. Sister Aguilar enjoys participating in recreational activities with her family, she loves morning walks, dancing, sharing and talking with her husband.

Relief Society General President Jean B. Bingham said “With the growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world, Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary organizations are 'delighted' to have women leaders in international areas to help provide instruction and orientation… Because they are familiar with the language, culture and environment, these sisters can be a local help to many leaders who may be 'new' to the Church and yet are eager to fulfill their responsibilities well.”

Below, the area organizing advisers share their feelings:

“I know that Christ lives, He is my Savior and my Redeemer, He is my teacher. I love Him for His atoning sacrifice and the love He gives me. I love my Heavenly Father and I am grateful for His infinite love in preparing a Plan of Salvation and for His son, Jesus Christ, whom He sent to this earth to show me the way back to my heavenly home. This is His Work, this is His Church, I know it with all my heart.” -Rewphill Indira Marini Archila de Marves.

“My heart is full of joy and gratitude for the certainty that I am the daughter of a loving Heavenly Father, for having sent His beloved Son to show us the path to follow, for the promise that my family can be eternal, I value the gift of repentance and I try to be better every day.” -Diana E. Hernández Herrera de Mejía.

“I am grateful for being a special daughter of my beloved Heavenly Father, for the tender mercies I have received in my life, for knowing without a doubt that He awaits me back in His Heavenly Home. I know that Jesus Christ loves me, because He sacrificed himself for me and I know that by his grace I can be forgiven of my mistakes in this life and be clean. I love scripture guidance; I know the Book of Mormon is the key to our conversion. I know that the prophet Russell M. Nelson guides us on the right path today.” -Yadira E. Moncada de Aguilar.

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