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Honduras received special visit from Elder David A. Bednar and his wife Susan

On November 15, Bednar, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles  of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with his wife Susan,  Taylor, a member of the Central American Area Presidency, and his wife Jill, arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to participate in several special meetings with Church members, missionaries, and opinion leaders.


During his visit to San Pedro Sula, Elder Bednar and his wife participated in the medical equipment donation ceremony to the Macro Municipal District of Las Palmas Health. During the delivery of the equipment he shared a message in which he mentioned Jesus Christ's love for people of San Pedro Sula, he said: "Susan and I have the opportunity to travel all over the world and we have had experiences like these in Armenia, Indonesia and in many more countries than I can count and we do it for a simple reason, we love them, we love the people of this city, and if the resources of our Church can help people live a better life, have better health care, and suffer less, this is what the Savior would want us to do."

Sister Susan Bednar also shared a few words and she said, "I was thinking about all the women and children who are going to be blessed with this donation, in some places there are children suffering, sometimes they are very sick and even a child that is unborn will. Whatever we can do to help these kids, we will, so we're happy they have this equipment."

The medical equipment that was donated will contribute to the smooth functioning of this health center, which serves more than 760 patients daily, and more than 200,000 appointments a year.

In the evening, Elder Bednar, his wife, along with Elder Brian Taylor, and his wife participated in a meeting with prominent leaders from San Pedro Sula, Villa Nueva, Potrerillos, and La Ceiba. In this meeting, Elder Bednar talked with them about the importance of strengthening families in society, about the importance of religious freedom, and he also mentioned why temples are so important to Church member families. At the end of the meeting, several people commented that it was very special to hear the words of Elder Bednar, a person who inspired love for others.

Hundreds of members and missionaries from San Pedro Sula were instructed by Elder Bednar, and members expressed gratitude for being blessed to have leaders who love and instruct them.

During his visit, a special devotional for marriages was held, Elder Bednar motivated couples to love and support each other as suitable companions, encouraged them to go to the temple together and remember the covenants they made, and motivated those who have not done so yet, to prepare everything necessary for their temple marriage and invited them to be their own agents, to decide for themselves and not to be decided upon.

"The Lord urges us to act for ourselves through knowledge of what is right and our actions will be our answers, He will not always give an answer to everything," Elder Bednar added.

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