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Congratulations to all parents in their day

Parenting is an eternal gift

On June 21 in Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize, "Father's Day" is celebrated. On this day, not only parents are celebrated, but every man that act as a father figure, uncles, grandparents, and teachers is an opportunity to thank and show love for earthly parents.

This year Father's Day is celebrated differently from previous years. The celebration will be home only, and, in some cases, parents will be out of the home in the line of duty as health specialists, firefighters, police, cargo transport drivers or other work responsibilities. Members of the Church have a firm conviction that even in adverse circumstances, the family is united by love.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recognizes the importance of a parent and the Lord gave him a divine plan and responsibility to preside over the family with love and righteousness.

President Russell M. Nelson told parents, "In the path of life, even through turbulent waters, a parent's natural reaction to clinging to a wife or children may not be the best way to achieve his goal. Instead, if he lovingly clings to the Savior and the iron rod of the gospel, his family will want to hold on to him and the Savior."

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