News Release

Christmas devotional as part of Light the World

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from various congregations of El Salvador formed a choir and orchestra to delight neighbors, friends, and Church members with their talents.

Last Sunday on the block of the temple of San Salvador, El Salvador, they made their presentation to which invited guests of other religions attended. The total number of attendees was 900.


The choir had an inspiring program through words and brief outlines of the life and example of Jesus Christ between each musical theme:



Wedding ring carol.

The first Christmas

Sing holy angels

Burrito sabanero


What a child this is

Night of peace

Christmas song


To conclude, the choir and congregation sung together: Merry Christmas.

In addition, a brief meeting was held with the guests where they were presented with the global initiative of and that together many things can be done for the benefit of the Salvadoran population.

Members of the choir and orchestra began their preparation since September of this year, and it was composed of:

12 basses and 12 tenors

20 sopranos and 25 contraltos

2 soloists

10 guests from the group



4 auxiliary directors (one for each voice)

1 conductor

1 artistic director

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