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Area Organization Advisors instructed women Church leaders from Central America

"The Lord promises us the temporal and spiritual things of this earth when we serve..." - Elder Brian K. Taylor.

On Wednesday, March 2, 2022, women auxiliary organizations leaders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Central American Area gathered for a virtual training about "Joy in the Work of Salvation and Exaltation" given by Area Organization Advisors Indira Marves, Diana Mejia and Yadira Aguilar, and Elder Brian K. TaylorArea president.

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Area Organization Advisors spoke about the need to prepare spiritually to serve in a focused manner, to receive personal revelation, and to know how to accomplish God's work. They invited the leaders to follow the example of the preparation of the sons of Mosiah (Alma 17:2-3). The Advisors encouraged the participants to recognize their potential, their divine identity and face the future with faith. They mentioned to the leaders that by serving in the Church they bless the children, youth, and women lives.

During the training, participants learned how to have effective Counsels by applying the following aspects: having a purpose, everyone participates, learning from each other, seeking the Lord's will, seeking unity, committing to act, and giving a report.

Elder Taylor encouraged and invited participants to keep the commandments and seek the kingdom of God first, adding, "The Lord promises us the temporal and spiritual things of this earth when we serve, when we minister to our family and neighbor simply, but with love."

Below, some of the participants expressed their feelings about the training:

"I know we can prepare every day to receive personal revelation. We must be built on the rock that Christ is, in doing so He will sustain us in every moment of our lives. What a blessing we have leaders who instruct us." -Gretel de Fuentes, Guatemala.

"This training has inspired and encouraged me even more to want to be part of the Gathering of Israel, knowing that God trusts in me, that I am an instrument in His hands, motivates me to help others to take that step to happiness." -Glenda de Williams, Panama.

"It was a blessing to participate in the training, I will always remember that my efforts to serve the Lord will always count for Him." Margaret Vasquez, Panama.

"The training helped me remember the importance of my service in the Church, remembering that Heavenly Father has chosen me to serve and has given me delegated authority motivates me a lot, makes me feel special and able to serve as He expects." -Daniela Urrutia, El Salvador.

"I loved the training, I like those ordinary women with jobs and activities similar to ours have been called to instruct us about our callings, it reminded me of what Heavenly Father sees in us." -Sandra de Torres, El Salvador.

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